Consumer trends shaping food & drink in 2019

As consumer tastes continue to evolve, it’s unsurprising that the food and drink industry is continually moulding to fit in with these new trends to meet demand. So what should we expect to see in 2019?


A 360-degree approach to sustainability is an important trend for consumers in 2019, who are expressing a demand for companies to think about the full product lifecycle.

With climate change progressively capturing the interest of modern consumers, they want to have the opportunity to responsibly discard their waste, and be assured that it will be reused or recycled to aid in the battle of eliminating unnecessary plastic waste. By adopting a circular approach, companies and consumers alike will achieve more responsible and sustainable sourcing, production, distribution, consumption and disposal of products.

And it’s not just packaging waste that is a hot trend in 2019, but also food waste. In the UK alone, over £13 billion worth of food is thrown away each year, equating to 1.9 million tonnes. In 2018, Tesco developed their ‘Waste Not’ fruit juices which use fruit and vegetables that do not make the cut to be sold as fresh produce in store. Expect to see more of this in 2019.

Healthy ageing

Healthy eating and wellness is an increasingly important part of eliminating age-related illness, and is a top trend for 2019 consumers who are aiming to take good care of their bodies as they grow older.

Inspiration can be taken from the health and beauty industry who already have a solid status in providing consumable products to increase lifespan. By incorporating this in the food and drink industry, companies can aid the consumer in their quest for good health by supplying their customers with vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to support joint, bone, immune system and brain health, all bundled into a tasty dish or beverage.

Grab and go

As our fast-paced world continues to accelerate, the modern consumers of 2019 are on the hunt for convenient and easy food and drink options which don’t compromise on health and nutritional benefits.

Long gone are the days where a fast-food take-away was the only option for those with busy schedules. Consumer demand now means that healthy alternatives are available, and they are on the rise. Towards the end of 2018, Quaker introduced their Morning Go-Kit in the USA for consumers who want a nutritional and filling breakfast, but have no time to sit down and eat it around the breakfast table.

With the offer of more convenient and ready-made healthy options like this, 2019’s consumers will be able to save time whilst not losing sight of their health goals.