Food trends for Spring 2019

With the flood of spring menu launches getting underway, we consider what consumers are looking for this season and how restaurants can give them more of what they want.

Root to stem

Don’t throw out those potato peelings just yet. As consumers become increasingly conscious about their environmental impact, it comes as no surprise that the food and drink sector is trying to get ahead of the curve.

We’ve all heard of the nose-to-tail movement, but have you embraced root to stem eating yet? ‘Ugly’ and ‘wonky’ produce is becoming a familiar sight on supermarket shelves, but eateries could do more to emphasise the authenticity of their waste strategy in the dishes they plate up.

Using the entire plant – root, stem, leaves, seeds, skin – is a way to appeal to diners aiming to minimise their waste and experience the health benefits of consuming the entire plant. Not only is it great for the environment, but it will make your ingredient spend go further, reduce your waste as a business, and make your customers feel good about eating your food.

Goodbye winter, hello spring detox

Lots of us look to spring clean our bodies and minds at this time of year as we claw our way out of hibernation mode now that the lighter nights are here. That means it’s time to move away from the winter stodge and experiment with vibrant flavours and colours.

Not only are smoothies an excellent way to use up kale and other winter vegetables, they’re also known for their health benefits. From celery to celeriac, veggie smoothies offer so much more than amazing flavour, and can boost energy, strengthen the immune system and provide an excellent source of antioxidants.

Veggie and vegan diets are bang on trend, and the Instagrammers of the world will be keen to share their pretty spring smoothies with the world. Make sure your Instagram handle is prominent on menus and chalkboards so they can tag you in to that free promo for your restaurant or café.

The magic word: Asparagus

British asparagus season is always a cause for celebration among chefs. With British asparagus dubbed the most delicious in the world, the delicate earthy taste is worth the wait over those winter months for savvy customers.

The asparagus season is all too fleeting, lasting only from late February to May, so make the most of it in stand-out dishes and specials that will grab diners’ interest.

Barbecued, boiled, roasted or grilled, asparagus has so much to offer the imaginative chef. It’s versatility means it can star in dishes morning, noon and night, so get it on your menu and watch it fly over the pass.

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